Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ms. Match is Getting Hitched!

Ms. Match's lovely boyfriend just proposed to her last weekend. Well.. actually it was more the work of the boyfriend's cute 5 year old son. He said" Will you marry us?" Ms. Match was speechless! She is about to become a Mrs. Match!

The setting was perfect, Ms. Match and her crew (boyfriend, son and nanny) were on the beach on a beautiful day. However Ms. Match just got out of the water after frolicking around and getting swallowed by waves repeatedly, hence the slightly snotty nose and messed up hair. Nonetheless, it was beautiful.

And.. I know what you girls are wondering about, the ring. The ring is perfect! its a simple yet beautiful solitary diamond white gold ring. Just perfect! and most importantly: it goes with any outfit! The setting is also just right, not too much detail but not too plain as well. Too bad the diameter was a bit small for Ms. Match's giant fingers! so Ms. Match said the thing one should never ever say when one is being proposed. She exclaimed "It's tiny!" when she saw the diameter of the ring. She knows that it's a really bad thing to say! But she just could not help it! It looked like a ring fit for a woman half her size, for God's sake.

Ms. Match's poor boyfriend was, of course, hurt to hear that, but after she said yes and explained that the size she referred to was the diameter of the ring rather than the rock, he softened. So... next up is.. looking for wedding outfit, makeup and and getting pre wedding pictures done!!!

Since Ms. Match was a former fashion stylist, of course she is eager to do a propoer photo shoot with her future hubby. Especially since two good friends of her from her days as a beauty editor, one a fantastic makeup artist and an amazing photographer, have offered to do the pics for free! Alas, Mr. Match is not the type of person who likes flaunting his pics around. He is every bit as vain as Ms. Match (sometimes more, she swears!) but he just hates having his picture taken. Again, Ms. Match thinks that the main reason is vanity. Mr. Match thinks that he does not look good in pictures. But Ms. Match has not given up yet! She will draw up some cool story boards of what she wants from the shoot and show it to him. Hopefully he would change his mind. She alreasy has some ideas for the photoshoot which involves a rabbit, a dwarf and fairies.


Anantya said...

wbahahahhaha "it's tiny" you got a killer line there girl.'s better than my killer line of "i think i like you" kind of stuff :)

Ms. Match said...

he still brings that up until today!! Looks like the future Mr. Match is still a tad offended :) But really.. Ms. match was talking about the DIAMETER of the ring! Not the size of the rock. It's a beautiful ring, btw :)