Monday, January 19, 2009

Quick note on boots and 80s power suits

Just saw the most hideous thing today. A pair of boots worn with a stiff, formal work trousers. FYI the trousers were not the sexy skinny kind. They were more the 80s style power suit style which reigned in the days of of Dynasty. I know the 80s is coming back and coming back real big, but maaannn you just have to see these power suits. While following Marc Jacobs lead on an era of style is one thing, following a decade to the T is very different thing!

To top it off, the suit worn with it was not exactly a perfect fit either. All boxy, loose, with no definitive body hugging accent. Even the 90s was not this bad. Its not that I have anything against boots. The boots were actually pretty decent. Believe me, I have seen uglier ones!

But its just that awkward combination... in fact, from what I saw, the boots could look pretty okay if paired with a mean pair of jeans or skinny pants. And if only, like in ugly-duckling-turned-swan-make-over-movies, the look betrayed the outfit, it would have been ok. Unfortunately it didn't.

What came to mind when I saw this look was the term invented by some friends at A+ magazine: shims (read the i like an english i), which is short for si mbak. Any Indonesian reading this would instantly think of a type of look which might be attractive for some (maybe for some mas-mas) but not quite so attractive for others.

Anyway.. Usually boots and power suits conjure up images of sexy, power executives, but in this case, paired with the makeup and hair and also the 80s look suit (which would probably look okay with a sexy toe cleavage bearing pointy stilettoes) it seems that the look is a mix of dominatrix wanna be and stay at home domesticated house wife who thinks that those bejewelled hair clips are the epitome of cool. clash in their heads.

Or I guess its just their way of showing their domination, one boot at a time.

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