Friday, January 16, 2009

Update on the lame/PVC legging hunt

To find some information on where to get those leggings I posted my quest on my facebook status. Within half an hour there were 5 possible solutions. Here they are along with what I found:
1. A friend said I would be able to find them at Melawai Plaza. Tried to find them a couple of days ago but couldn't. ended up restocking my neutral tank tops and tube tops for Rp 20.000-Rp 30.000 each. What a bargain! I have forgotten how cheap this place is. Not a bad choice if you want to find some basic stuff. Just keep in mind that sizes run small here. And for tops they only sell one size. Saw some dresses as well which could be quite cute, if I didn't think that half of Jakarta would be wearing them as well!
2. Factory Outlet stores in Bogor. Went to one last weekend and..... I found a pair!! Not black and fake leathery type like I wanted, more like lame material. But pretty cool all the same. The length was not what I was looking for though, they only come down to my calves. For Rp15.000,- a pair, what a bargain! I instantly snapped up a pair (pictured here) in my size.
3. One suggested Topshop. I've written about Topshop. Too expensive! plus they're gone any way.
4. my best friend suggested Pull&Bear. She said it was on sale for Rp 150tho, Went to the one at Grand Indonesia. They were gone!
5. Last suggestion, was Hong Kong. Yea.. right...If I had the money to fly to HK I would have bought the one at Top Shop.

In my despair, I fund a light at the end of the tunnel.. material shop! What if I made my own?! I was thinking to find the material at this little shop I know in Pasar Tanah Abang, but the thought of going there on my own was a bit much. Good thing a friend went to Cipadu textile market and saw some material like what I was looking for. I went to check it out and ...SCORE! Got one meter for Rp 25.000! How cheap is that?? Just need to have it made. Will post the picture once it's done.

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