Monday, January 5, 2009

Wish list #1 Lame/PVC legging

I am currently kicking myself over and over again. Why oh why didn't I buy a pair of lame leggings at American Apparel????? WEll the answer is easy I guess, because it costs 30 quid and I was broke! Hmmppphh!! Now I have some pounds left over which I am not using for anything and I am regretting that stupid decision to save up for rainy days. I saw a pair at Topshop in Senayan City, it costs around 550thou. I really really really wanted to get it. But that day I didn't have enough money on me, so I was thinking to wait another week or two until I get paid. Alas! Lady luck is not on my side. The damn leggings were all sold out! Could not find it anywhere. *Sigh* What to do what to do... Another idea is to make a pair myself. Maybe it's time to go material shopping to Tanah Abang! I remember seeing some lame material there some time ago. Does anyone know exactly how I can get my hands on lame or PVC legging or at least the material???

Yesterday I went to Senayan City again in a futile effort to look for those hard to get leggings. In their place I found a pair of cool Puma leggings. Its murky purply brown in color (if you know what I mean) with.. get this.. gold zippers on the sides!! How cool is that??? I thought to myself.. yes! I have found the substitute! But noooo.. they only had an L, no Ms... so I guess tomorrow it's time to go hunting for my size. Yay!

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