Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Jodhpur Pants!

Ms. Match is very happy. She went to PIM in search of the Puma legging with the gold zipper and she found a cool jodhpur style pants instead at Zara (don't know what's going on with the third person thingy here.. I guess I have been reading too many blogs) It was on sale too! Got them for 269.000 (the original price was Rp 449.000)! There were only four pairs left, minus mine. So anyone out there who wants them, you better be quick. Tried them on as soon as I got home with my heels and my boy friend's bow tie. Nice look! If I may say so myself. Will definitely try this for work this coming week. These pants are 100% rayon but look and feels a bit like silk. It kinda falls like silk as well, only a little bit stiffer. The perfect material for these kind of pants. It has a bow tie detail around the waist and also buttons along the bottom sides of the pants. I tried wearing the pulled up and as is. Verdict: pulled up is noce to go with cool flats and casual top for a weekend wear, while the one worn as is would be perfect for work when worn with a more formal tank top, bow tie, tiny vest, and killer heels.

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