Saturday, February 21, 2009

I Heart Jakarta Biennale 2009

This year is Jakarta Biennale's 13th year, can you believe it?? really.. Ms.Match has been living in Jakarta all her life and she has never heard about it until the start of this year! It is either their PR-ing sucks or Ms. Match just doesn't get out much. But c'mon, she is the type to devour local magazines and other media on a daily basis! Plus she used to work for a life style magazine where there should be buzz bout the event among her art writing friends, and there were none!. And... some friends of Ms. Match's who are still working for said magazines still don't know about this event!

Well... granted they are not artists or anyone hanging out with ruang rupa kids, etc, but Ms. Match really thinks that you don't have to go to an art school or be a suffering artist to appreciate and love art! Ms. match thinks that they should branch out a bit and embrace some potential art loving crowd who might just be corporate slaves like or fashion lovers (pardon the uncreative term for lack of a proper working brain) Ms. Match herself, who are just dying to see some decent contemporary art! Anyway.. She meant to go to the opening (which was on the 6th of Feb), but couldn't because she ended up staying at work until 3.30 am! So today Ms. match finally went with another contemporary art enthusiast, aka Mr. Match and son to their main venue, at Galeri Nasional. Mr. Match who has spent most of his live living in places with proper art museums and galleries with regular exhibitions, was quite scepticla at first and thought that he would just come to keep the missus company, but.. he loved it. They both did! And they are super happy to know that this is an ongoing thing. Looking forward to the next one! Here are some of their favorites:
First love: works from the public space workshop (which Ms. Match thinks should better be tittled, urban space). Ms. Match loves how the artists incorporate humor, ridicule and sarcasm into every work. This is the approach she was meaning to take when she thought about forming an urban space collective. Art in urban space. Anyone up for it? She thinks that traffic lights in Jakarta are just a tad too plain! Maybe applying some much loved plaid pattern from last autumn winter? Or should it be tribal prints from this spring summer? Hmmm

These are others that Ms. Match hearts

Beautiful pencil drawings by Sekar Jatiningrum. Ms. Match really would not mind having one in her future house she will share with Mr. Match (even though Mr. Match thought they were too morbid). The white painting of strawberry with the 2 faces by Thaweesak Srithongdee inspires Ms. Match to don an all white outfit with a touch of tan and cool prints tomorrow! Ms. Match hears that the artists does illustrations on t shirts as well! Would love to get her hands on one. Does anyone have an idea where she can get them?

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