Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cool Londoners at London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2009

What was the first thing on Ms. Match's mind when she got a scholarship to study in London?? London Fashion Week of course! Even though LFW is not the 'IT' fashion show to go to compared to Paris, Milan, New York, but for Ms. Match who is completely in love with London designers and London street style (she opens http://facehunter.blogspot.com way too often sometimes, especially when he is hunting in London!) going to LFW is a dream come true. Since she was not covering for Vogue UK or Elle, or any other European or American magazine, she can only get really really terrible seats, where the only thing she sees sometimes are the girls from the chest up. So.. no cool pictures of the show, sorry (even though there are some that was quite ok). So instead, Ms. Match took her camera outside and started shooting cool Londonders. Here are some that she likes (by the way, these pictures were taken in August 2008.. a bit late, huh? but here it is anyway)

Love the shoes and the canvas bag.

Not sure about the total outfit, but was drawn by the bright skirt (or.. are those shorts? hmm)

Clashing patterns. Love!

like the shoes, and also love the hippy vibe of her hair and floral skirt which is balanced by the tough leather jacket and shiny oxfords.

She manages to wear all black wihout looking like she's going to someone's funeral

Love the oxford and the sock combo! Ms. Match is sure she will be tempted to try it one of these days

Henry Holland and friend, 'nuf said

Would the outfit look this good if the wearer wasn't Erin O'Connor? Ms. Match thinks so! Great job, Ms. O'Connor!

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