Sunday, February 15, 2009

60's Shift Dress

Ms. Match found another bargain! A 60's style shift dress at FCUK's sale at SOGO for a real steal: IDR 99.000!!! what a shocker. That comes up to only about 5 quid! Don't you just luurrrvveee a great bargain! Ms. Match is definitely more proud of a great dress she finds with a very low price tag than a dress that would cost her a month's salary. She thinks that there is not challenge in finding a great looking expensive clothes. About the dress, the blue is like one of those jewel tone colors that has been really hot these last two fall/winters. Ms. Match absolutely loves it! The cut is old fashioned 60s shift dress, with a hint of 80s shown by the exposed huge zipper. The bubble arm is nice too! Ms. Match then wonders if the dress would look good paired with a lacey on top.
Dress; FCUK, Bag: vintage bag found at the big Sunday market in Rome (forgot the name) for 1 Euro, Shoes: Marie Claire


Anantya said...

:) this is the one that you told me several weeks ago ya? It's a nice one...and really make it for all of that effort of digging onto those pile of clothes pasti

vorega badalamenti said...

nice.. =)
btw, wanna exchange links?