Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Back In Time

This maybe a bit late for an introductory post, but what the heck? I didn't have time to do it yesterday when I started the blog, so here goes.
This is just a blog to post all my ravings and my secret obssesion to beauty and fashion. I was a beauty editor for 4 years. I spent one year as an associate beauty editor at Female magazine Indonesia and then, due to some dissatisfaction with the ehm ehm..management, i resigned and spent the next 3 years at Cosmopolitan Indonesia as a beauty editor. Why is this so discreet you might think? It's because now I work for a PR firm handling mostly IT clients. So not me!!
Well that's what most of my friends would say, but here I am, and doing the job every day. No complaints yet. Well.. not that much anyway..

But I do miss writing about beauty and fashion. I miss being one of the first people to try the newest designer perfume (and being able to say,"No Mbak, I already have that one," to every perfume sales girl in the dept store preparing to pounce on me). I miss being on the invitee list of some of Indonesia' s hottest spas and salons (I once tried treatment in a spa whose client list include Donna Karan and Brooke Shield and the price one treatment there can pay for a full months meal of a whole medium sized village in a third world country). I miss going on five star trips abroad to do a photo shoot and to cover a beauty or fashion story (I remember sipping champagne while taking a nice warm bath scented with real rose petals and watching fashion TV on the huge LCD TV mounted on the bathroom wall). and most of all I miss styling photo shoots and writing articles. Hence the blog.

Anyway.. I thought I would be staying far away from the beauty and fashion world but I just couldn't. I remember jumping at the chance to write again for Cosmo and also several other life style publications as a freelance writer and stylist. So now I still get to keep my 'corporate' job while still having fun writing about fashion and beauty.

This blog will feature some of the non edited version of articles and photoshoots I've done and also some personal rants and raves about fashion and beauty products I've got my eyes on. Enjoy!

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