Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A bit of fashion please..

It has now been three and a half years since I left the beauty and fashion world (so to speak, I started counting when I resigned as the beauty editor of one women's magazine in Indonesia). I have now a totally different occupation, which, I have to admit pays for the bills (mostly bills from my shopping and partying!). While the old one involved working with lipsticks, eyeshadows, hair spray, makeupartists, other beauty and fashion editors, and fashion photographers this new involves working with the finance section reporters, economic news, insurance news, bogus CSR programs and meetings with boring men in suits and boring women in suits (one with a particularly big 'jambul' or quiff as some might say it). Hmm very different I have to say. I am learning A LOT of new things, but sometimes I just miss being back in my old world. I miss having an excuse to look through fashion magazines, call friends for work and a bit of gossip (they were all working in the same field), and being one of the first to find out and have new makeup and other cool stuff. I realized how much I missed this world when I was calling up journos the other day to try and "sell" a story on a CSR program a client did (they like to call it CSR, but frankly speaking it's all bull). I realized that I don't know how to sell these stories because for me they are not important. Well if this was a "real" CSR program then I would do it wholeheartedly, but this was just some lame event that involved a samll amount of donation. And they expect Kompas to write an article on it? Hmm.. I was a journalist (before being a beauty editor I also worked in dailies as well, mind you) and I can spot a time waster a mile away. Anyway.. lets just hope some news paper will pick it up. Right now I want to go back to browsing through beauty and fashion blogs. I just wish that soon we will get a lifestle or fashion client!

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