Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A friend who is also a director for video clips, ads, etc approached me to be the stylist for his upcoming work. A brand new boy band. I thought, styling boys, hmmm why not? After negotiating budgets over YM, he added as an after thought, "This includes makeup for the talents ya!" And I was like, "what??" Doesn't he know that stylist and makeup artist are two different professions and require a different set of skills?

Maaann...at that moment I had flashbacks of a job interview with my current boss (the owner of a PR agency). When I said that I was a beauty editor which was also a freelance stylist and writer, he looked dumbfounded. And he said,"So what does a stylist actually do?" I mean this is coming from a man who has worked with media almost all his life. I am sure he has come across some fashion and life style magazines as well.

I took a deep breath and tried to explain what my job description was as a stylist. I gues there are a lot of people out there who does not know how a picture in a fashion magazine was produced (or any magazine for that matter).
Oh well.. I guess the good side for me is that there is less competition in the market for stylists. The bad side is to convince people how badly they need a stylist.


Yuki said...

halo Ms. Match, baru baca komen anda di blog saya, bisa kasih keterangan lebih jelas? bingung saya..

Anantya said...

eh pst...sebelum dirimu pergi, gimana kalau satu kali lagi side job. Jadi stylish gue ya. Lagi mau transform into a working girl.

Tadi pagi mau ke kantor, bingung mau pake apa...all jeans and shirts gitu. Darn :)

Ms. Match said...

Boleh boleh Nan.. Ayo mari! Kapan kuboleh mengaduk-aduk isi lemarimu?